Chanel Carvalho




A woman who carries herself in a sophisticated manner is considered extremely sexy. Perhaps dangerous. She catches your eye and won’t let it go. From her glowing, radiant appearance to her mysterious personality, you’re wondering if you should take a chance... If you can handle the anticipation that will surely precede every delicious encounter. You listen with your body and your heart as her gaze encourages you to let the moment unfold without trying to control it.

As you follow her on a path to pleasure, you realize that you have a woman by your side who is charming, gorgeous, and respectful. The perfect “Jeune Fille” who appreciates you for everything that you do for her. When in her presence, your entire being relaxes. You become more gracious, more present. You feel safe, you feel seen, you feel empowered. Don’t be afraid of this opportunity or the thrill of desire, itself. Don’t pass her by. After all, she could be the one you have been looking for all of this time.

Take a chance.

Let’s indulge life with a bottle of our choice.

Let's experience our dreams and passions, together..