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A Different Kind of Love Affair

A celebration of passion and movement

As an unabashed epicurean, it should be no surprise that I have a penchant for luxury timepieces and writing instruments. I maintain a notable collection, each an extension of myself; each a work of art in its own right.

The curvaceous, almost human form of my Mont Blanc inspires the fruits of my thoughts while paying homage to my sensuality. Crafted of 18 carat gold, the nib of my pen softly touches tightly woven threads of stationary with its mystery black ink as I journal on a Sunday NYC afternoon. Letters form slowly, gliding along the page like gentle kisses as the wetness of the ink eagerly manifests the thoughts of my imagination. The shank fits snugly in my hand, a gentle yet knowing grip that only a lover could appreciate. A delicate gold leaf adorns the barrel like remnants of a Baroque royal palace.

What better way to populate my weekly planner than with my limited edition Meisterstück fountain pen? Feasts of activities race into my book at the mercy of this sexy writing instrument and I’m giddy with excitement. Splendidly crafted of carbon fiber and sterling silver, it’s complex ensemble of parts remind me of my love affair with pens. My writing instrument is to communication what ecstasy is to eroticism: an absolutely essential element.

The spirit of my curiosity piqued when I recently spotted a gentleman in a corner cafe duly noting his schedule with the honors of a David Oscarson. I meant not to pry, but do confess that I was stirred. The way his hand wrapped around this gorgeous writing instrument sparked a longing to be embraced with the same fervor. I call it an esoteric arousal, the purity of an instance as I stole a glimpse into the personal candor of a complete stranger. It was an enthralling moment, no doubt.

Think Michelin-starred dining as we toast over a vintage old world wine and my wrist complimented by my favorite Patek Phillipe. Only our emotional connection and fabulous conversation outweigh the splendor of this glittering timepiece that practically makes love to my wrist (much as the reader might like to do). I’ve nearly described the perfect evening with only one complication quietly coursing through the night – the complete fullness of the moonphase display, an intimate indication that our suite is waiting for us. Such an engagement is open to interpretation and the invitation is all yours.

Escort AdventuresWhen the odyssey of an extended weekend awaits, I pack my bag with a few favorite dresses, sultry, lacey secrets and a pair each of Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins. An indispensable accessory, my Breguet wristwatch comes with me wherever I travel. Maybe I am a romantic at heart, but I do prefer the self-winding movement, a noble return to horological classicism. The way the diamond-studded bezel caresses my arm is almost more than I can bear to think about. Such an exquisite timepiece embodies the vitality of my essence.

Sometimes when I am alone, I will observe my reflection in front of the mirror wearing nothing more than two of my favorite things: heels and a circle of diamond-studded timelessness wrapped around my wrist. Fancy, just for a moment that you are there. Can you imagine?


VIP Compainion
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Why I Love Being Ebony Companion

“Utterly timeless and highly coveted… She is dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enameled with grace, and toasted with beauty. Be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise.”

If romantic love is like a well-being “vitamin boost”, then self-love must be equivalent to eating vegetables, keeping hydrated, and getting plenty of sleep! They are similar in that both can lead to better decision-making, lower stress, and better sex, but compassionate kindness directed toward oneself has taken years of intentional effort for me to master. Especially after a brief career as a fashion model! So then, what does Chanel love about Chanel? Simply put, my smooth and supple, mocha brown skin!


I am a luxurious, black courtesan…

In every sense of the word. I have that special “je ne sais quoi” of a refined ebony escort touched with a dash of mystery that makes every moment more brilliant than the last.

I love being an ebony companion. I love my skin, the color of it, the texture… I love how there is not one crayon that matches its brown pigment exactly. I love how my caramel skin glows as much as my brilliant smile.

Dripping with melanin and honey, I walk with a natural rhythm and vivacity that enraptures both men and women alike as they try to understand my otherworldly allure. My waistline is strikingly tapered and complemented by long, lean chocolate legs. Can anyone possibly deny that there isn’t something to be said for the way a black woman’s elegant contours create the perfect silhouette?

What’s not to love about being a world-class, VIP ebony companion??

Dressed up in a showstopping evening gown or dressed down in sexy jeans and a blouse, I consider every detail: Which colors make my skin appear more mouth-watering? Which statement pieces enhance my character without overpowering me? No matter what I wear (or how little I wear in private!), something about a glamorous, upscale ebony escort dressed to the nines manifests grace, confidence, and class.