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Black and Beautiful in Boston

What I love about living in New York is how closely situated it is to wonderful historic cities like Boston, MA. Living in New England is such a pleasure as nothing is ever too far out of reach if you’re willing to go on an adventure (which I always am!)

Your Boston Ebony Escort

As a lover of adventure, history, and all things art, Boston holds a special place in my heart. Let me be your Boston escort for a day to see the city like I do. You will never look at the city the same way again. Although no place will ever top my home, Boston is one of my favorite places to visit for the rich history and high class mindset of the Bostonians. 

ebony escort bostonOne of the most beautiful things to do while in Boston is visit the legendary Boston Harbor Islands. On warm summer days I prefer to stay outside amongst nature and the ever-calming Atlantic ocean. I love the relaxing boat ride over Georges Island, which has a 19th-century granite fort. The history of this area is so rich and the art style so phenomenal I could spend hours on Georges Island just enjoying the history, nature, and the calm that comes with being on the water. When I am feeling less like exploring and more like relaxing, that means it’s time to head to Spectacle Island to lounge around in the sun and enjoy the amazing panoramic views of the harbor and city.

Although I may come off as a art junkie, that doesn’t belittle my appreciation of a great sporting event! Fenway Park brings together my two great loves, a great historical site mixed with a fun sporting event. Although I prefer enjoying the game from a suite, I’d love to join you for a game anywhere in this historic arena.

A trip to Boston would not be complete without a little shopping! Hermes is one of those great international unifiers of all things luxury: heritage, quality, exclusivity. In addition to a stop at Hermes, a trip to Boston isn’t complete with a stop by the Chanel store. Like Hermes, Chanel is a universal obsession. Coco’s legacy marks the epitome of glamour, and the Newbury boutique offers an opportunity to buy into it through tweed, quilting, and diamonds. And of course, when I am in need of some new lingerie, I make sure I stop by La Perla.