Who Is Chanel?

Height: 5’9”
BUILD: 34DD – 22 – 34

If you are reading this, it is likely because my looks were enticing enough to compel a deeper exploration of me. So first, thank you for taking the time to see if there is more to Chanel than a British accent and a coquettish pucker!

There is nothing ordinary about me, which I hope piques your interest, as I imagine you to be no ordinary man. Standing 5’9, I have deep, alluring, hazel eyes and irresistible luscious lips. My slim, sexy, perfectly sculpted ebony hourglass will surely send your libido into overdrive.

I am the essence of independent femininity, with a warm smile, and playful personality that will melt your heart.

I believe life is a savory experience to be embraced, so my interests and hobbies are eclectic and varied. I am a classically trained violist, I fence foil, and dance ballet. I am a clinical research scientist in my vanilla life, but I am also an insatiable know it all, in general.

I enjoy antebellum American History, Biotechnology, Global Politics, and as of late Economics. My favorite quote of all time is, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Why? Because we all have something special and unique that makes us, us.

I would love to learn what makes you, you… Life is too beautiful and too precious to spend it not enjoying the person that you are with, so for a little bit of time, let me be your escape.

You should be forewarned; once with me is not enough.

I am the sweetest addiction you will ever have…

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Although I do enjoy brief encounters, I would prefer to develop our chemistry over a longer visit with you. I have noticed that the most intense moments of romance novel passion follow an evening of unrushed, scintillating banter!

Dinner dates, overnights, and social times are available and 200% encouraged!

One hour                 450

90 minutes             600

Two hours               800

Four hours              1600

Six hours                 2000

Overnight                3000

  • Couples are warmly accepted (+200 per hour)
  • Affair to Greece (+150)
  • Two hour minimum for outcall outside of Manhattan (+100 starting)
  • Please consult my travel guide regarding business travel companion options 
  • Ongoing arrangements available by private request

Cancellation Policy

  • Should you need to cancel our date, please do so with at least 24hours notice
  • Cancellations under 24hrs require a 50% nonrefundable deposit  to rebook.
  • In the event that you are unable to contact me to cancel our date and it is missed or if you cancel within 12hrs, I will request that you pay the full amount. Please be considerate and avoid my having to add your name to a national blacklist registry.


Fall 2017 Collection

Summer 2017 Collection

Your Vermont Ski Bunny

Oh Vermont, you’re so much more than skiing, beer, and cheese (although I will admit, I am in love with all those things!) As a lifelong student of the arts, I take pleasure in exploring the art and history of each wonderful state New England has to offer. There’s always lots to see and do in Vermont when it comes to exploring arts and history. A weekend getaway can include visiting museums, browsing galleries, or attending a play or concert. On days when it’s too beautiful to go indoors, sculpture parks and historic sites make for great walking and picnics. In Vermont, the arts and history are everywhere. It’s even believed that there are more art galleries in Vermont then there are towns! Which means I never get bored exploring all the beautiful art this state has to offer.

As an avid skier, Vermont is one of the many New England states I properly frequent! I love the thrill that comes with strapping on my customs skis and gliding through the mountains on a powdery dream. From Mt. Stowe to Stratton, Killington, or Mt. Jay, if I am in Vermont there is a high probability you’ll find me at one of these resorts.

If I am not gliding through the trees on my custom skis or exploring all the arts this state has to offer, you’ll find me at the spa. My absolute favorite thing to do after a day of skiing is pampering myself with a visit to one of Vermont’s award-winning spas. I love a good body wrap, would do anything for a salt glow, and can’t leave the spa without a facial or massage.

As a lover of all things cheese, Vermont is a perfect place for indulging in a great bottle of wine and local cheese after a trip to the spa or a day on the mountain. So join me in one of the most naturally beautiful states in New England while we ski, sip, explore, and indulge on everything this wonderful state has to offer.

Independant Escort

Rest assured that privacy and discretion are at the top of my priority list. I want nothing more than to be your sexy British secret! An oasis, you can forget the issues of everyday life in… but I will not meet you “anonymously.” The more comfortable I am with you, the more enjoyable the experience will be for both of us!

To that end, I offer several methods of verification for you to choose from in the reservation form below.

I do accept TER whitelisted members and subscribers to client screening services (P411, DateCheck, RS2K), but only in addition to the information that I request, not in lieu of.

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