Who Is Chanel?

Height: 5’9”
BUILD: 34DD – 22 – 34

If you are reading this, it is likely because my looks were enticing enough to compel a deeper exploration of me. So first, thank you for taking the time to see if there is more to me than a British accent and a coquettish pucker!

There is nothing ordinary about me, which I hope piques your interest, as I imagine you to be no ordinary man. I have deep, alluring, hazel eyes and irresistibly luscious lips. My warm smile and playful personality will melt your heart… My slim, perfectly sculpted hourglass will send your libido into overdrive..

I am exactly what you need, and you know it. Don’t you..

I , a British escort in NYC, believe life is a savory experience to be embraced, so my interests and hobbies are eclectic and varied. I am a classically trained violist, I fence foil, and scuba dives regularly. I enjoy 17th-century baroque architecture and 19th-century art history in general!

I am the best NYC escort who is passionate about pleasure, engaging conversations, sailing, and classic cars. My favorite quote of all time is, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Why? Because we all have something special and unique that makes us, us. I would love to learn what makes you, you…

Life is too beautiful and precious to not enjoy every second, so for a moment in time, let me be your escape…

I am also the best in San Francisco and can be there for you. Boston is one of my favorite places I can be your independent escort at Boston any time and pass some lovely moment.

You should be forewarned; once with me is not enough.


I am an ebony escort in New York City and although brief encounters can be satisfying, I find the most intense moments of romance novel passion follow unrushed, scintillating banter.

To that end, I am only accepting date invitations that allow time for you to begin your courtship by savoring every second as we not only ignite our passions, but build chemistry naturally!


  Two Hours                               1500

  For Dinner                                2000      

  Keep Me Overnight                4000

  • Please consult my travel guide regarding business travel companion options 
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  • Ongoing arrangements are available by private request

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations under 24hrs require a 50% nonrefundable deposit to rebook
  • In the event that you are unable to contact me to cancel our date, I request that you pay the full balance. Please be considerate and avoid my having to add your name to a national blacklist registry


Fall Collection

Summer Collection

Interview with Chanel

Where are you from?
Though born in America to Brazilian parents, my formative years were spent at a prestigious boarding school in England. My sense of adventure brought me to Japan where I modeled and taught English a few years before moving to New York to attend university.

What will you wear on our dates?
My wardrobe is extensive, from very sexy to conservative, but on public dates, I prefer to wear uncomplicated designer pieces that enhance my elegant contours without overpowering me. You need not worry, I have often been complimented on the timeless, sophisticated sense of style I possess which allows me to make an alluring statement while retaining the lady-like grace required for all settings. That said, I am very happy to accommodate your personal requests. My main objective is to satisfy you!

What do you offer on a date?
That simple, yet elusive thing: authenticity… with an emphasis on affectionate and meaningful connections without the frustration of a traditional relationship. While I am a consummate professional, I am also intensely passionate about being the woman of your dreams. I will never make things between us feel like a business transaction or mechanically awkward, as it is important to me that you are as comfortable as possible. I want to be the one who comforts you during struggles and the first to celebrate your victories. Sharing lovely company is a true gift! My goal is to provide a uniquely satisfying and truly breathless experience of a life-time.

Can I book a same day appointment with you?
Please try to plan, at least, 24 hours in advance to arrange an engagement with me as I am rarely available on short notice. I have to make arrangements to meet with you and screen you for safety, both of which can take time. On the off chance that I do have a last minute opening, I will give priority to suitors I have seen in the past.

Do you like green/orange/white/black/young/old men?
I am an equal opportunity employer when it comes to dating, but I will admit that I have a preference for much older men.

I’m a nice/famous/insane/handsome/romantic guy.. Must I really screen?
Absolutely! However, if necessary, I will sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Why deposits?
I require a 50% good faith deposit to secure a travel getaway. As mentioned above, I lead a very active, fulfilling life and I find that respect for my time increases ten-fold when we are both are invested. You have no need to worry about me absconding with your deposit. Like any other business, reputation is everything and I have worked very hard to build mine!

Can I see more pictures?
I have a public twitter account and instagram that I invite you to browse. I love documenting my journey with photos and post regularly!

Do you tour?
Not actively, but I am currently planning a few domestic and international trips. You may enquire as to whether or not I plan to visit your city and of course, you can always fly me with you!

Do you accept credit cards?
On a case by case basis, if we have met previously.


As a well-established, independent escort in NYC, you can rest assured that privacy and discretion are at the top of my priority list. I want nothing more than to be your sexy secret; an oasis you can forget the issues of everyday life in, but I will not meet you “anonymously.” The more comfortable I am with you, the more enjoyable the experience will be for both of us!

To that end, I offer several methods of verification for you to choose from in the reservation form below.

I do accept subscribers to client screening services (P411, DateCheck, RS2K), but only in addition to the information that I request, not in lieu of.