The Perfect Elite Companion In London

Height: 5’9”
BUILD: 34DD – 22 – 34

When a polished gentleman is looking for a companion, they do not look for just any woman. They want a femme fatale, someone who emanates confidence and sensuality in their own skin, someone that turns heads and knows how to keep a good conversation going, more than a woman, they look for a goddess, which is why I, Chanel, am always the chosen trophy.

I am an independent escort in London and I believe that when in London, we shouldn’t just be another person on the street but, an asset, a monument of sorts, which is why my timeless fashion, soft body lines and, my flaming hazel eyes, contribute to the landscape, besides,  with my arm wrapped around yours, street lights and chandeliers would have nothing on the sparks that would be flying between us.

I strive for perfection and, unlike many ebony escorts in London, I believe that it is achievable. Some of my interests are history and, what better place to admire the historical architecture of buildings and streets than in London?

My interest in history came about when I first visited London’s Westminster Abbey.

Between the intricacies of the gothic style, and the ornate coronation chair, built in the 13th century, it is the place where kings and queens were (and still are) crowned.

London is full of places for us to enjoy our time together and to share an exciting and enticing day and, who knows, a sparkling steamy night as well.

Like a walk along the London Bridge, stopping at the Tower Bridge Exhibition to feast on the history of it, we would be enjoying each other’s company and flowing along the romantic rivers of London.


Although I do enjoy brief encounters, I would prefer to develop our chemistry over a longer visit with you. I have noticed that the most intense moments of romance novel passion follow an evening of unrushed, scintillating banter!

Dinner dates, overnights, and social times are available and encouraged!

90 minutes            800

Two hours             1000

Dinner Date         2000       

Overnight             4000


  • Please consult my travel guide regarding business travel companion options 
  • You can visit SF Escort also and I am sure you will love this.
  • Ongoing arrangements available by private request

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations under 24hrs require a 50% nonrefundable deposit  to rebook.
  • In the event that you are unable to contact me to cancel our date, I will request that you pay the full amount. Please be considerate and avoid my having to add your name to a national blacklist registry.


Fall 2017 Collection

Summer 2017 Collection

Date In London With Chanel

Some would say that Paris is the city of love but, I, on the other hand, believe that London is where love truly shines the most. Between the shining lights, the architecture and the history found in every alleyway and every corner, romance can be sparked in every door entered and bench sat on.

When it comes to romantic dates with me, there are always three things that flood my mind: Sensuality, Class and Privacy. These are undoubtedly the aspects that I value above all else when having a romantic date.

I am a GFE escort in London & I have been to a plethora of places in my lifetime and, still, none compare to having a romantic date in London, starting off with a good dinner and ending up in the theatre, watching a play or, at a lounge, having a drink and a great conversation.

I very rarely find myself searching for a topic of conversation because, there is always something to talk about, laughter to be had, a smirk to be drawn, you are always guaranteed to never have a dull moment with Chanel.

Because communication is so important on a date, I usually enjoy choosing a restaurant with a wonderfully romantic ambience and lots of privacy, that is why Clos Maggiore is the perfect choice to start a date with.

With a decoration fit for Aphrodite herself, romance, companionship and sensuality are bound to naturally flow, like the river of flowers intricately intertwined with shining glittering lights found on the ceiling, the delightful dark tones of the room, choice of wines and dishes, will make sparks fly between me and you.

After the wonderful dinner at Clos Maggiore, there is nothing that I enjoy more in this world than to watch a play at the west end. I am not very picky when it comes to what play to attend but, I do find it to be a very good addition to the night.

However, if you would like to continue the wonderfully lustful conversation from dinner, instead of sitting down and watching a play, then I also have the perfect choice to accommodate such needs: The Shard.

If there is a place that screams Chanel, it would be the Shard. It is classy and romantic, with a wonderful 360-degree view of the whole city of London and, with a vast selection of drinks on the bar as well, it is the perfect place to have a good and enticing conversation, of course, followed with a good glass of champagne.

This is just one example of what a date with me is like, so you will always have a guarantee that Chanel Carvalho will give you a good, romantic and steamy time.

Escort Accomodation In london

When the shops and museums have been seen and, the romantic dinner and drinks have been had, comes the time to think of the accommodation, that is of course, if the mood calls for it.

I have stayed in quite a few hotels scattered around London and, therefore, I have been able to gather my thoughts on it, in order to know which ones are my favourite and, which ones are not.

Of course, we could just end up at the hotel that you would prefer. I am sure that a gentleman like yourself would have the class and finesse to choose marvellous accommodations, regardless, these are some of my recommendations for the best hotels (in my opinion) in London.

The Savoy, Fairmont
This Hotel is the first one that I am mentioning, simply because it was the last one that I have visited as well. It has a majestically classical style, without sparing the luxury and, it has a wonderful view of Big Ben and other London Landmarks, which is a glorious view to wake up to!

The Rosewood London
Undoubtedly the most famous and luxurious Hotel on my list is The Rosewood London Hotel, also being the finest five-star hotel in all of London, it is located in the historically rich area of High Holborn and it is decorated throughout with classical luxury themes adding a spice of contemporary in the mix. Between the sublime food, rooms, and history of the area, this is the Hotel to go to when we want to be treated like royalty after a very fun and steamy night of pure sensuality and romance.

There are an immense amount of luxury hotels scattered across London, so many more that i have never been to either, however, these are the ones that have captured the true essence of finesse as well as of Chanel and, I can assure you, that I am the best London escort and you would be going to bed in Heaven and, waking up in Paradise.