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Height: 5’9”
BUILD: 34DD – 22 – 34

When in the marvellous state of New Jersey, there is an abundance of places to see, to visit, to enjoy and, of course,  experiences to be had that will, undoubtedly, mark your soul and flood your memory. With a big mixture of cultures, this state is one of the most visited in the United States!

Obviously and, even though the amazing vistas and places that New Jersey has to offer are wonderful on their own, nothing can compare to enjoying said experiences with someone special.

That is why sharing a day with Chanel Carvalho in New Jersey can be so invigorating and refreshing. I am an independent escort in central NJ & I know all the best places to visit, the most romantic destinations, restaurants and lounges and, of course, the best accommodations and experiences to be shared as well.

I am the best NYC escort and being a steamy sensual individual, you are guaranteed a time that you will never again forget, without pulling aside the privacy that we would be having and the intimacy that would come with it.


Although I am an ebony escort in New Jersey and I do enjoy brief encounters, I would prefer to develop our chemistry over a longer visit with you. I have noticed that the most intense moments of romance novel passion follow an evening of unrushed, scintillating banter!

Dinner dates, overnights, and social times are available and encouraged!

90 minutes            800

Two hours             1000

Dinner Date         2000       

Overnight             4000

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  • Cancellations under 24hrs require a 50% nonrefundable deposit to rebook
  • In the event that you are unable to contact me to cancel our date, I request that you pay the full balance. Please be considerate and avoid my having to add your name to a national blacklist registry


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Top 3 Romantic Restaurants in New Jersey

I am a British escort in NJ, I have had my share of romantic dates and, I can safely say, that a first date is never a good one if there is no dinner to be had, in order to break the ice and, of course,  get to know each other.

Amongst the delicious food, romantic ambience and drinks had, there are always flirtatious jokes, good conversations and a cheeky rub of legs every once in a while, which definitely helps in creating a good lasting sensual little secret.

Brasserie Memere

Following the french cuisine, this restaurant’s owners, owned the Chakra Restaurant in New Jersey, which was closed, however, I have visited the restaurant and they excel when it comes to creating a feeling of romance and sensuality, therefore, I knew that they would excel in their new business.

With the amazing delicate dishes and courses that they have to offer, I always find it to be a wonderful addition to the start of a date!

 Cafe Matisse

Speaking of delicate and refined foods, I present to you Cafe Matisse, without a doubt, my favourite for a good and refreshing lunch.

They describe themselves as artful cuisine and, they could not be more right about it. More than just food, it is art in a plate, which I always recommend experiencing.

Highlawn Pavilion

With a splendid view of the Manhattan skyline, it is the kind of restaurant that you leave and you still go home thinking about it and that wonderful view, I have always loved dining here time and time again and, I am certain that you would too.

Seeing Stars in New Jersey

I am a lover for anything romantic and scenic, which is why I adore stargazing in New Jersey, especially when I am sitting on the grass, with a champagne glass in my hand, candles scattered around and, of course, someone to share that experience with.

Nothing compares to cuddling under the vast milky way and the sea of stars that surrounds it. I often find myself dreaming of the next time that I am able to cuddle up to a gentleman like yourself while sitting at the High Point State Park or the Wharton State Park, sharing a moment of pure intimacy and romance.

I believe that at the end of a good day, nothing is more relaxing or appeasing to the soul than to just sit down, and have nothing but the stars as the witness for the romance that we would be sharing.

It is always something that I recommend, to my friends, family or companions, because I find it to be an essential experience for anyone to try out, even if only once in their lifetime.

Entertainment in New Jersey

I am aware that not everyone is interested in sitting on a grass field or on a picnic blanket watching the stars, sometimes, some people just prefer other kinds of entertainment and, I am definitely not opposed to that at all.

I never say no to a good movie, especially when it is in the New Jersey’s famous: The Showroom Cinema. A majestic cinema that mixes good movies with a sublime art deco, elegant decoration.

If, however, you are wanting something a little more personal and, wanting a play instead of watching a movie, then I wholeheartedly recommend going to the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, with their classical design, there is always something good to enjoy.

Last but not least and, after all the fun we had, we could always go for something a bit more private, that would provide just as much excitement and entertainment as all the other places, much like Le Malt Lounge, where we could share a drink, giggles and discussions in a very private but, luxurious space, that calls for sensuality

After all, nothing screams Chanel like privacy, class and sensuality.