VIP Compainion
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Why I Love Being Ebony Companion

“Utterly timeless and highly coveted… She is dipped in chocolate, bronzed in elegance, enameled with grace, and toasted with beauty. Be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise.”

If romantic love is like a well-being “vitamin boost”, then self-love must be equivalent to eating vegetables, keeping hydrated, and getting plenty of sleep! They are similar in that both can lead to better decision-making, lower stress, and better sex, but compassionate kindness directed toward oneself has taken years of intentional effort for me to master. Especially after a brief career as a fashion model! So then, what does Chanel love about Chanel? Simply put, my smooth and supple, mocha brown skin!


I am a luxurious, black courtesan…

In every sense of the word. I have that special “je ne sais quoi” of a refined ebony escort touched with a dash of mystery that makes every moment more brilliant than the last.

I love being an ebony companion. I love my skin, the color of it, the texture… I love how there is not one crayon that matches its brown pigment exactly. I love how my caramel skin glows as much as my brilliant smile.

Dripping with melanin and honey, I walk with a natural rhythm and vivacity that enraptures both men and women alike as they try to understand my otherworldly allure. My waistline is strikingly tapered and complemented by long, lean chocolate legs. Can anyone possibly deny that there isn’t something to be said for the way a black woman’s elegant contours create the perfect silhouette?

What’s not to love about being a world-class, VIP ebony companion??

Dressed up in a showstopping evening gown or dressed down in sexy jeans and a blouse, I consider every detail: Which colors make my skin appear more mouth-watering? Which statement pieces enhance my character without overpowering me? No matter what I wear (or how little I wear in private!), something about a glamorous, upscale ebony escort dressed to the nines manifests grace, confidence, and class.